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September 22, 2016
S.R.B. Featured in Germany's Dark Spy Magazine...

Die zweite Rate des Gehirns "Dismal Partei" wird auf dunklen Spy's Fall compilation Sampler.
Deutschlands führende Autorität über alle Dinge Metal.


September 22, 2016
"Animal Thoughts" on KSCR's Music Video Station...

S.R.B.'s "Animal Thoughts" video will be in rotation on Los Angels's KSCR's video station this fall.

KSCR is Southern California's Alternative super station on every platform from terrestrial radio to inter-dimensional holographic lasers.


January 6, 2016
Making the Grade...

How befitting that Second Rate Brain is now on the world's second largest music site, Spotify. With over 75 million subscribers Spotify can be heard anywhere in the world via computer, smart phone or blinky do-dad.


May 27, 2015
SRB beamed from Space

The Second Rate Brain video "Animal Thoughts" is now on Musique Plus and other music video stations.


December 18, 2014
SRB is on the Airwaves

After a slow start SRB's latest album "Dismal Party" is stirring up a ruckus in the neighborhood. The single "Ain't got no Time" is wolrdwide on Hollywood California's Radio Cafe, Great Britian's XRP, Jango Internet Radio in New York and Niagara Fall's Radio Xenicus.

SRB is also live on Midwest radio stations like WXAV Chicago, WROM Detroit, Tri-cities' Rock 97.3, Chadron's KCSR. On the west coast with the likes of Wolf 106.9 and on the Jim Pattison Group stations in the the Great White North.

SRB's space / experimental epic, "Rings of Uranus at 110 Hertz" is worldwide on Frankfurt Germany's Phonoethics and is a favorite on Canadian University Radio.


More Art!November 12, 2014 New Artwork Added

For those of you for whom it is a chore to read more than the instructions on a packet of hemorroidal ointment, there are many new thought provoking and bizarre selections in the art department.

March 21, 2014 New Animal Thoughts video in HD now on YouTube, check it out!

January 10, 2014 Radio & Festivals

S.R.B. singles "Ain't Got No Time" and "No Answer" have made it onto the airwaves and S.R.B. will be represented at the MIDEM music festival in Cannes, France, February 1 - 4.

Dismal Party

August 23, 2013 Dismal Party CD

The latest album, Dismal Party, is now available directly from

More Art!

March 18, 2012 Art For Art's Sake

A plethora of recent artworks awaits your viewing pleasure in the SRB Art Gallery!


March 7, 2012 SRB On Jango

Second Rate Brain is currently assaulting the airwaves of the internet courtesy of Jango Internet Radio. Click the link below to hear this technological wonder in action.

Second Rate Brain on Jango Internet Radio


February 24, 2012 CD Baby

Second Rate Brain is pleased to announce that Welcome Golden Dream is now available as downloadable mp3s or as a CD from CD Baby.


May 26, 2011 SRB Gets Around

Second Rate Brain has been offered a worldwide distribution contract with Bellaphon Records of Frankfurt, Germany.

Bellaphon Records


March 6, 2011 SRB On The Airwaves

With the anticipation of a new CD heating things up, Second Rate Brain has been seeing an increase in airplay... you can catch Mike and crew on the stations of the Jim Pattison Radio Group and Rock 104.5 FM.

Self-portrait...Feb 28, 2011 Album Release Date Set

Second Rate Brain's current album project, tentatively entitled "Dismal Party" is set to be released in July 2011. In the meantime, here's a taste of how things are sounding so far...

No Answer MP3


May 11, 2010 New Artwork

Work continues on SRB's upcoming, as-yet-untitled-but-sure-to-be-great album... in the meantime there's a swack of new drawings in the gallery!

January 9, 2010 Another Year – Another Late Update from the Webmaster

Yes, there's been a fair bit of activity in the World of SRB, but nobody knows about it because the web guy's been slacking off... oh, the shame!

  • New Photos on the Photos page (where else would they be?)
  • Second Rate Brain now has a publishing contract with ABACA Music International...
  • ...who will be representing SRB at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France.
  • And, on top of all that, SRB has a NEW ALBUM in the works.


January 3, 2009 Major Web Site Overhaul

That's right, we worked right through the holidays to update!

New features include a gallery of Mike's artwork and a page for his scientific musings, not to mention a few random pictures sprinkled around the bio page.

September 1, 2008 Good Life Go Video Released

Second Rate Brain's latest video is Good Life Go from the Welcome Golden Dream CD. Enjoy!

Good Life Go Video


Welcome Golden Dream CD

May 1, 2008 Welcome Golden Dream CD Now Available

After some slight delays, Welcome Golden Dream is now available directly from

In other news, filming of SRB's next video (Good Life Go) has wrapped and editing is in progress. Stay tuned...

December 15, 2007 Welcome Golden Dream CD Scheduled For Release

Second Rate Brain's latest full-length CD will be available on-line in January 2008. Welcome Golden Dream is a solid collection of rockers that is sure to please the SRB faithful and new fans alike.

December 15, 2007 Animal Thoughts Video Released

Second Rate Brain's video debut is now available for downloading. Shot on location in darkest Africa, the video explores themes commonly found in Mike's Biography, such as the juxtaposition of the terrestrial and extraterrestrial; technology and nature and so forth.

Animal Thoughts Video

Video Still
Mike directs the action during the shooting of the Animal Thoughts video.

July 7, 2007 New CD in the Works

Second Rate Brain's next recording venture is well under way. In an effort to raise the musical bar, Mike has teamed up with a renowned multi-instrumentalist who cannot be named who will be producing the CD as well as doing double-duty as the rock-solid rhythm section behind Second Rate Brain.

Tentatively entitled Dismal Party, the new CD promises to reveal a tighter, more focussed Second Rate Brain.

March 22, 2007 Welcome to

Second Rate Brain steps boldly into the digital age with a brand new web site! To celebrate this "one small step" we're making a couple of mp3s available for free download.

From the Animal Thoughts CD we give you the hard-driving Meet The Cyclops and the catchy Girls Named Kerri. Enjoy!

As the site grows, we'll also be hosting artwork and short fiction from Second Rate Mastermind Mike Grimberg... stay tuned.

Video Still
Animal Thoughts.